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Hey all! I hope that everyone had a good day on this lovely little Monday. I had a GREAT day. Want to know why? Because I did not let anything get to me. NOTHING! Isn't that great?!?!? I just kind of let things slide and just slipped through the day with complete ease. Then me and Jo went shopping. She bought this really cute outfit, and I tried on a few homecoming dresses. I found two that I really like. Oooh, I can't wait until Homecoming. Hopefully I will have a date, that would kind of suck to go stag my Senior year. Hey, if I can't find a date then I guess I will have to drag one of my non-high school friends with me, huh? Too bad for them. Anyways, then we stopped at the batting cages and then went to Tyler's. Scottie was there, and we all watched Monday night football. Okay, well I think I am going to hit ym bed about now. And hey, will someone please comment... I haven't had a commment in a long time. I am feeling unloved. Does anyone even read this anymore?? Well, I love ALL of you guys. Kisses to the all of yas. Goodnight, and sweet dreams peeps. Adios-os. Love me.
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