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God Bless CHRIS LEDOUX!!!!!

Wow!!!!! What an awesome weekend I had!!! The concert was completely awesome. Kace got her handshaked, got a flower, and got a guitar pick! Woo-hoo! Lucky duck. Anyways, I got my shirt signed, how nifty is that? Jess got 2 guitar picks. Anyways, it was completely worth it. We had such a good time. Talk about a show, cuz he really knows how to put one on. Okay, so hopefully you all have gotten my drift about the concert. Today I pretty much just sat around watching MTV all day. My whole family was at the coast watching my sister. So, I was by myself with no food, but that's okay cuz I needed some sleep. Well, I hope everyone else had a good weekend. I shall see some of yas at school iin the morning, yippee!!! Adios-os to my buds, i luv yas. Love me.
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