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Okay, so about the entry heading; I am sitting here watching Caroline in the City, and it was a really funny moment about mini golf and the little windmills in the rain. Don't try to understand my humor though, it is definately one of a kind. So anyways, I have a bone to pick with people who steal things. I went to the river yesterday with some friends, we were there for maybe an hour and came back to find that my friends' car had been broken into. They completely ripped the cd deck out and everything, how STUPID!!!!!!! I can't wait until I am a cop and can bust people who do things like that. Why don't they get a job and pay for their own stuff. Okay, sorry about that, but I had to vent for my friend. So what is everyone up to this week? I have 2 games this week, I think we need some spectators...so come and watch if you want, it would be appreciated. Well, I am going to do some stuff around the house now, so I will talk to you all later. *play on - play on, woo woo* Inside joke, watch the real world New Orleans to figure it out. Bye all
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