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I hate the school library!!!

Today during my government class we were in the library using the computers. Well, I had nothing better to do, so I went onto my livejournal to do some school updating. Then the librarian came by and stood behind me and then she kind of croaked "no email during school, unless it is before, after, or during lunch." Then she stood there and watched until I got out of livejournal. I was close to being done too! Ugh!!! Well, I went shooting today. I must say that going 2 months without it has really affected my shot. To say the least: I didn't do as well as I would've liked. That's okay though, i am not going to go that long ever again. So, i hope that everyone had a good day. Mine was okay, except for the norms. Well I think I am going to devote all of my attention to Home Alone 2 now. So, I will talk to you all later. Oh and Jess~ *snort, snort* and *HELP!!!! We can't get out!!!!* Memories!!! Okay, so gb everyone. Kace I hope work wasn't too bad. Adios-o peeps. Luv ya all!
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